How To Use Twitter To Supercharge Your Business

Note: This is a guest post written by Michael Chibuzor


How To Use Twitter To Supercharge Your Business –  Twitter is powerful. Get ready for an instructive run down on twitter and how to supercharge your business with it.

Social media marketing is gradually overtaking several marketing activities. In today’s world, those who are in turn with the latest technology, especially internet related are going to excel. When you take your mind back to history; about 20 years ago, it was the industrial revolution. If you had a large acres of land, you were in millions. Later on, life began to shift from industrial, and now, we are in the information age.

It’s no longer a news that 17 year old boys and girls are hitting their millions, while 71 year adults struggle with pension and retirement plans. If you’re humble and willing to learn, I want to show you how Twitter change transform your business. You’ll learn how to increase your followers, build strong relationship and amaze jaw-pulling clients that buy from you over and over again.

Why Twitter Is Powerful!

The 3 social media giants in today’s world are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You should start incorporating either of these into your marketing activities. I don’t recommend involving in all 3 if you’re the busy type – even when you’re less busy, just one of those has the potential to send a tiny percentage of her entire active traffic to your site.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers

This sounds like an article headline itself, but I would like to explain explicitly how this all adds up to provide you a workable platform. Until your twitter account is flooded with hungry followers, every secondary step you take is going to yield insignificant results. So, the first step to increasing your twitter followers is:

1. Keep Abreast Of Hot Trends

Can you do this all the time? Unfortunately, you’re not omnipresent (God is). But you can monitor occurrences in the internet world. The more current you are, the more people follow you. In Economics, we learnt that human wants are insatiable. That means, people will never be satisfied with information and when it’s hot, trendy and interesting, you’re in for huge success.

Therefore, in order to get updated on recent updates around the web, especially in your niche, you can use Google Alerts to super-simplify this whole process. Google Alerts according to the name, alerts you on the hottest trend and news according to your preference. You can set this to alert you every morning like I did, or twice every day. It all depends on you and how fast you could utilize such news.

Google Alerts

Post hot trends on your twitter account. Post hot trends on your blog and write press release about it. Hot trends usually make it to the frontpage of Google news. It’s going to be a bang if you get picked by media practitioners. That is the key.

2. Automate Your Tweets

You can’t do everything at the same time because you’re not omnipotent (God is). You need to relieve yourself of workload, that is the fastest way to achieve more in the online world. For instance, if you don’t like writing, or you lack the inclination to pick up your pen, jot down the points, and type them on your computer, then you shouldn’t worry about that. Several freelance writers can write decent articles for you at a cheaper rate. $5 – $10 can get you quality keyword rich article.

When it comes to tweeting, the fastest finger wins the game. There are several free tools you can use to automate your tweets. I personally use twaitter and it helps me to automate, schedule and go to bed. This helps to triple your twitter following, without your primary supervision.


3. Build Relationships That Last

From the above examples, you should be on your way to having huge twitter followers. The rest of the task is pretty easy but you need creativity. The traffic you attract to your blog or website via all those automated tweets shouldn’t be wasted. You need to convert that traffic into subscribers, build relationships and then sell to them.

Remember, when someone clicks your Twitter’s short link and lands on your site or blog, it’s an indication that they are interested in what you’re offering. If I’m unwell, what’s the point in wasting my time reading about getting well. According to the great prophet, “It’s the sick that needs physician.”

Build a lasting relationship by capturing your visitor’s email address, follow-up thereafter with helpful and engaging contents like e-courses, e-books, video, audio messages, membership sites. All these would result in trust from your subscribers. Selling to those who already trust you is quite easier and faster than selling to a total stranger (someone you just met).

That’s all for now. Utilize the nuggets highlighted in this article and supercharge your business. I’ve only two words to say to you, and they are – TAKE ACTION!

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