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How to remove the Unicorn avatar in Mystique WordPress theme

Unicorn avatar

I was playing around with the W3 Total Cache WordPress plug-in earlier on my other blog just to research whether I should replace WP-SuperCache with W3 Total Cache on this blog. I was surprised to see that my avatar picture to be changed to a unicorn! I thought it was one of the image caching setting that I picked wrongly in W3 Total Cache.

After further investigation, I found that it’s caused by the silly Mystique WordPress theme author who put an April Fool’s joke code! Grrrrr!

How to remove the Unicorn avatar from WordPress’ Mystique theme

  1. Go to Appearance-Editor
  2. On the right (where you can see the list of all the Mystique template files), click on the core.php
  3. Do a search on “unicorn” to find the culprit
  4. It should get you to the line where a function called “mystique_get_avatar” is (function mystique_get_avatar)
  5. If you understand programming, notice where the line says if (date(‘m-d’) == ’04-01′)? It means every first of April, the code will use a service called Unicornify on the net to transform your handsome/pretty face to a Unicorn!
  6. To remove this silly WordPress April Fool’s joke, delete the lines from “if(date……” until the “else”. The function should only have “return get_avatar($email, $size); inside it.
  7. Don’t forget to save

If you know the theme author, please knock his head for me and thank him for wasting my time :)

Now I can get back to configuring W3 Total Cache knowing this is not a caching problem caused by it or whatsoever.

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