How to add your COVID 19 vaccination certificate to your phone (Apple Wallet and Google Pay)

If you are in Australia and you have received your COVID-19 vaccination (good on you!), you can access your vaccination digital certificate online and can then be downloaded to your device.

But if you have an iPhone or Android phone (pretty much everyone?), you can save this certificate into your device, rather than carrying a document around or having the screenshot saved in the Photos app (which is not as secure as Apple Wallet and Google Pay).

So if you want to add your COVID-19 vaccination certificate to Apple Wallet or Google Pay for an easier and more secure access, here is how.

There are two ways to add your COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate to your phone: using Medicare app or through myGov online account.

If you don’t have the Medicare app installed, probably best to use the second method as you don’t need to download and install the Medicare app if you don’t want/need to.

How to add COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate using Medicare app

  • Open the Medicare app
  • Go to Services ->Immunisation History
  • Select your name and then “View COVID-19 digital certificate”
  • Select “Add to Apple Wallet” if you have an iPhone or “Add to Google Pay” if you have an Android phone

How to add the COVID-19 digital certificate using your myGov account

  • Sign in to your myGov account from your phone’s browser
  • Go to the Medicare section
  • Scroll down to “Immunisation history” and click the “View Immunisation History”
  • Select your name and you should see “Add to Apple Wallet” or Google Pay below the the “View COVID-19 digital certificate (PDF)” button
  • Read the warning and click “Accept”.
  • Your COVID-19 immunisation digital certificate will be displayed on the screen. Click the “Add” button on the top right corner (on iPhone) to finalise

In the coming months (or possibly years), the digital certificate should be an important document that you’ll need to show frequently at the airport and possibly, shops or events. Having it on the phone means you’ll always have it with you just in case it is a requirement for a venue or event to have you already vaccinated to access.

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