Here comes a new challenger: RIM preparing the Blackberry 10

Note: This is a guest post written by Nancy Perkins

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We’ve done it: we are at an age where we rely so heavily on technology that mobile electronics is at its all-time high–the most popular of which is the smartphone. Smartphones are considered to be all-around gadgets that everyone finds necessary these days (anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone for constant communication is often taunted with the socio-politically incorrect term “Amish”).

Even kids in single-digit ages have rudimentary smartphones. This says nothing of the thousands of businessmen who rely on smartphones and the phone services therein in order to stay connected to their businesses and corporations.

For the past few months, there have been back-to-back releases from the major names in electronics. Apple has released yet another version of its iPhone, which Samsung countered; and then there was the release of the Windows phone from Nokia, and then, of course, Google unleashed the Nexus 4 to compete with those products.

There have been endless reviews and surveys left and right discussing what experts and enthusiasts thought the best smartphone in the market was. But there seems to be one major name that people overlooked. And it’s about to make its mark.

RIM and the Blackberry

It was once the phone du jour—remember when celebrities and music videos made a big deal out of having a Blackberry in your hands? Blackberry began as the prime phone of choice for businessmen and other executives, before the mainstream media made it trendy. After the kids on Gossip Girl brandished them onscreen, everyone below 21 had to have one. Even now, everyone talks about how much easier and more direct communication can be with BBM.

But for a while after that, RIM more or less flew under the radar in this smartphone race. While Apple, Samsung, and the rest of the other brands inundated the market with smartphones (some of them cheaper than the pricey Blackberry), the fruit-named phone line seemed to have disappeared from people’s minds…until they announced that the Blackberry 10 was ripe for the picking.

Blackberry 10’s expected features

Blackberry aficionados can stop holding their breaths—two versions of BB10 will be released, one of them featuring a hardware keypad that most of the earlier BBs sported, while another will be entirely touchscreen-based.  From the leaked photos, everything looks tantalizingly promising.

The BB10 was sitting next to an iPhone 5 in one photo, and the size difference was insubstantial unless you’re looking at the screens. In which case, Blackberry definitely has the iPhone 5 beaten.

Analysts are expecting BB10 to have highly competitive specs against the current smartphone market. While leaks are still coming in and while everyone waits for more data about the mysterious BB10, RIM finally issued a release date. RIM plans to bring out both types of Blackberry phones by March 2013.

According to COO Kritian Tear, they want release the products as quickly as possible, with handsets available to customers 30 days after initial launch.

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