Hello Kitty MMORPG??

Hello Kitty OnlineJust found out about this today: A new WOW:World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online killer enters the market: Hello Kitty Online :D

Hello Kitty Online is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and currently it is on Beta stage. The good news is, you can register for Hello Kitty Online Beta and start playing before it goes final!

I remember having a Hello Kitty pencil case back on my elementary school (Don’t laugh! It was like 25 years ago perhaps and I solely blamed it to having an older sister lol) but I certainly glad to see that Sanrio has taken a step further and make it digitally alive.

Hello Kitty Online Screenshots Hello Kitty Online

Just like any other MMORPGs, you’ll need to create & customize your character before heading for an adventure. You’ll fight monsters and level up your characters, but not just that. You can do farming, cooking, and a bunch of other “girlie” stuffs :) (I guess this is the equivalent of “Crafting” in an MMORPG term; usually used as a profession based system to create potions, weapons, etc). You can also own a house and a pet in Hello Kitty Online.

I haven’t got into the game yet since I just registered today (not really want to, especially that I’m currently playing Warhammer Online lol), but you need to see the trailer here below before you make any judgement about this game:

A new WOW and Warhammer killer? Maybe not, but at least your girlfriend can now understand why you can play MMORPG games for hours instead of dating her out lol.

Now the girls and kids can have a taste of why MMORPG can really ruin your social life! Oops, that sounds bad, doesn’t it?

To join, simply register your interest at Hello Kitty Beta Registration at FilePlanet (and a 1.8 GB Beta client) or check Hello Kitty Online official site for more details and screenshots about the game.

Does anyone know how much you have to pay for the monthly subscription when it goes final?

PS: I’m pretty sure one of my loyal reader here will be so interested in this game :D *looking at wiehanne*

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