Google steps in to support OpenID


Currently, OpenID supports these login accounts:

  • AOL (
  • Google Blogger (
  • Flickr (
  • LiveDoor (
  • LiveJournal (
  • Orange – France Telecom (
  • SmugMug (
  • Technorati (
  • Vox (
  • Yahoo (
  • (

The good news is, Google has now decided to support OpenID too!

So what’s OpenID and why you should care?

Usually whenever you want to use a service on a web site, you have to register an account with them. Since one service cannot do all that you want, you usually end up with having multiple login accounts with multiple passwords on multiple web sites.

So what is OpenID? OpenID allows you to sign in to many web services using one web identity, eliminating the “different account for different services” completely. Imagine if you can use your YahooID to login to all of your favorite web sites. That means you need to only remember 1 login for every web services that you are using.

Most people will either use Yahoo Mail, Google Mail (Gmail), or Windows Live Hotmail as one of their email accounts. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can use your email login (whatever you are using) to other web services as well, eliminating the need to remember usernames and passwords on your head?


Unfortunately, this “migration” process will take a while and it will be some time before we can login using our Google Account on all OpenID supported sites.

For more information about this news, check out Google’s official blog post about the move here.

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