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Google Glass: An Amazing Technology With A Wink

Google Glass

What will a gesture like a wink do for you? Depending on which part of the world you are at, a wink is a non-verbal cue giving varied interpretations. More specifically, it is a voluntary closing and opening of one’s eyelid to convey a secret message. For Google Glass, the wink has become its most recent experimental feature.

The new XE12 provides an easy way to program your wink as a quick command to snap beautiful photographs of your friends and the many interesting things around the world. Imagine what it can do for its thousands of users out there! I will provide some of my honest opinion for both the great and not so good aspects of this wearable technology.

Innovative and Stylish

The advent of Google Glass technology is notably a game changer. Modern gadgets like Bluetooth and MP4s will be no more than a thing in the past. With a stylish looking pair of glasses, anyone can chat with a friend, listen to music and surf the internet without necessarily sitting on a desk. It operates using a natural language format, hence it is totally user-friendly, programmable and highly-mobile.

Google glass screen

A wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display and an awesome camera feature that can be turned on and off by the user through configuring simple commands to make it work. Is it not cool enough to wink to take pictures? I say it is definitely something worth showing off to your peers.

Endless Possibilities

Photo by Girish S

With this revolutionary technology, Google has made life easier for most people who are hooked to technology for a lifestyle that is work or business.

Imagine wearing a pair of glasses that can solve your eyesight problems and also functions as a source of information and data storage device. And it gets even better than this.

There are far more things that a wink could do for you. The breakthrough technology is here where the eye is the main actor. We no longer need to touch or speak to execute a single command. Hitting the button on the smartphone or talking out loud might not be convenient.

Why not wink? Eye movements are subtle and will be tremendously useful for its plenty of possibilities.

The Downside of Technology

Similar to any other inventions, Google Glass has its setbacks. Many worry about its ease of use as a potential to transgress the privacy of people through its huge capacity to record conversations and take photos of strangers on the street without their permission.

This means that if information falls into wrong hands of people, it can be misused. Moreover, I might think that another limitation is its unreliability of its new winking feature. It can take numerous frustrating attempts at winking to take a photo.

Even so, blinking an eye might be misinterpreted as a wink.

The Solution in Your Hands

I strongly believe that it should follow for the public to be well educated on the functionality and applications of Google Glass. This advancement in technology should therefore be used as appropriately and in one’s discretion. Despite being at its beta testing stage, we have so much to look forward to the improvements of this technology.

This one product is certainly a worthwhile investment especially for those of us who thrive on gadgets to make our lives significantly easier.

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