Get your Windows Mobile® Specialist certification for 2008 from Microsoft

Ever got a certificate from Microsoft? Unless you are applying for a CCNA, CCNP and all of other CCs out there, chance that you never have any.

How about a certificate called "Windows Mobile® Specialist" ? Sounds cool? Check this offer out.

First of all, this certificate is only available "virtually" i.e. you have to print the certificate with your own printer. As much as I want it to be a hard-plated certificate sent to my home address, I guess this is better than nothing.

All you have to do to earn your Windows Mobile Specialist certification for 2008 is:

  • Show that you have completed six required courses online about Windows Mobile.
  • Pass the certification test (think of it as an exam to check that you were not just clicking like frenzy just to get the certificate)

Why would I want the certificate, you asked? Well, it’s a proof that you know about Windows Mobile and if you are working as a salesman/woman on a mobile company, then this should add a few points of prestige. Also, it looks good on your resume ^^

Get the certificate at Microsoft Windows Mobile Training site (you need a Windows Live ID)

When I have a free time, I’ll give this a try and put a screenshot of the certificate here ^^ (at the moment I’ve only completed 1 course out of 6)

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