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Who doesn’t like getting freebies? There are many free applications (including games) for iPhone/iPad/iPod but not all of them are really good to use and keep. How about paid apps that are free for a limited period of time? Some are good and some are not. It’s for you to decide. I just want to let you know that you need to visit every day to check for:

  • New apps (normally free for a limited duration)
  • Apps on discount (slashed price for a limited time)
  • Normally paid apps but free for a limited time

I’ve got so many great apps and games, thanks to They have also released a free AppShopper app but I still find it easier to just browse their website for great deals or freebies. There are many other sites that let you know of free apps like this but I haven’t found one that is better than You can also monitor specific apps (if you register and all that) if you are waiting for a good moment to purchase the app when it’s on sale.

AppShopper app price drops

For example, these are great apps/games that I got for free, thanks to

It may not much to pay $1-2 for an app but if you’ve been on a shopping spree, you may have paid $100 or more in total for buying apps and games (and how many of those games that you are really playing so far? :)). Some of that amount can definitely be saved by visiting appshopper more often.

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