December 2010 Traffic and Income Statistics

December 2010 traffic dashboard

If Craving Tech broke the first record in November 2010 for having more than 100,000 unique visitors a month, last month was the income. For the first time, Craving Tech broke the $1,000 income barrier in a big way! More on that later.

Craving Tech’s traffic statistics summary for December 2010: 101,987 unique visitors and 125,965 page views.

Traffic details:

  • Search Engine: 72,870 visitors.
  • Referring sites: 18,641 visitors.
  • Direct Traffic: 10,414 visitors.
  • Other: 62 visitors.

December 2010 Referring Sites breakdown

December 2010 referring sites

Money made online in December 2010 breakdown

  • Amazon Affiliates: US$527.84
  • Nuffnang: US$532.87
  • Google AdSense: US$392.81
  • Private advertising:  US$332.27
  • Unruly Media: US$102.44
  • Affiliate Sales: US$50

Total money earnt in December 2010: US$1,938.23


Now before we all get too excited, this income is unfortunately not a steady one since it relies much on advertising (which is not regular like Google AdSense). Sometimes you can have more and sometimes you won’t. Nevertheless, I was quite surprised when I wrote this post that I earnt that much last month. Thanks to Christmas, my Amazon affiliate sales were skyrocketing as many are buying gadgets and other gifts for the people they love. It’s a once off thing so I expect the sales to go down again this month. We’ll see.

Look forward for more exciting contests and giveaways as I slowly expand my network :)

There’s also a new Craving Tech logo coming up as I desperately need to design a business card. If you are a logo designer and want to give a try, let me know and if I use yours, I’ll put up a good post and link to your site or portfolios! Your logo will be seen by at least 3,000 visitors a day (for now).

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