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Death Note EventHave you ever read Death Note Manga (Japanese comic) or the Anime (Japanese animation) version? Death Note is a book, dropped by a Death God (Shinigami) to the earth.
Any person whose name is written on the book will die. The cause of the death can also be written and “directed” on the book itself.

I watch this movie on DVD last year (I still have the DVD), even though I haven’t read its manga and watch its anime version.

It may sound like a simple story; however, there are a lot of twists happening in the movie. There are rules inside the Death Note and when Light Yagami (who happened to find the book and seeking world peace by his own way) meets with “L” (a detective), there are tensions building up throughout the movie.

Trailer of the first movie:


Death Note is worth having a look, if you are into Japanese Anime/Manga. Even if you don’t, you may like the movie. Beware though; the movie requires some amount of concentration to watch :) But trust me, if you really watch it properly and understand what’s going on in the movie, you’ll love it! It’s clever, yet entertaining to watch.

If I can choose, I wish to have a book that can fulfill my wish, not to kill people :) But again, it’s just a wish. Not even sure I want that kind of book/power!

Now, NCM Fathom and Viz Pictures bring Live Action Death Note to selected movie theatres nationwide for two nights only –  May 20th and 21st at 7:30 PM. Feel free to go their site if you want to attend the event & watch the movie!

One day, I’ll certainly watch this movie again with my friends. 

PS: You’ll need to see Death Note 2 for the ending. The second one is much better than the first, but you need to see the first episode before watching the second!

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