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DataDot DNA Review

DataDot DNA Review

Ever wonder how to prove that you are the owner of the stolen goods? A smart thief would have erased all possible things that can identify you as the rightful owner. What if.. you can attach something so tiny and invisible to the naked eye and use that as a proof? Now, that’s cool, isn’t it? DataDot DNA technology uses DataDots (microdots) as small as a grain of sand that can be applied to your valuable properties and use them to identify you as the rightful owner. Each DataDots actually contain a unique information/PIN that can be traced back at you, the owner.

Of course, there is no reason to have these if the police don’t acknowledge the technology and the solution. Thankfully, DataDotDNA is acknowledged by Australian Crime Stoppers and DataDotDNA can be legally used to identify you as the owner of the stolen items. The company will supply the police (on request) with the magnifiers to read the identifier coded on each DataDot. Or they can use black lights to make the UV trace in the DataDots to glow (to assist in locating the DataDots).

DataDots[3]DataDots Magnifier

When you buy the DataDots DNA kit (AU$75), you will get a DataDot DNA PIN (alphanumeric) assigned to all the DataDots.

DataDot DNA Review - kit1DataDot DNA Review - Kit2

The DataDots DNA kit contents:

DataDot DNA Review - kit contents

The main contents of the kit are the adhesive, applicator, and of course the DataDots. What you need to do after you open DataDots DNA kit is of course to register yourself at DataDots DNA website so the PIN can be associated to you.

Simply follow the instructions such as entering your DataDot PIN for a start:

DataDot DNA Registration[4]

DataDot DNA Registration 2

You can use either your Drivers License & State, Medicare, Passport, Pension, or ABN/ACN for your identity. That’s it. Registration is very simple although I’d prefer a more non-simple approach such as being able to login to change your personal information such as your address or perhaps a different form of ID should you ever change your ID card.

To apply the DataDots, you stick them (as many as you like) to your valuable goods such as your car, bicycle, or even valuable items in your house such as your mobile phone or digital cameras.

For example, I’ve decided to protect my iPad’s ownership with DataDots DNA here:

DataDot DNA Review - iPad

Since the DataDots are black colored, I chose to apply the DataDots on the Apple logo at the back of my iPad (probably a bad decision – I’ll explain later). As instructed, I mixed the adhesive and the DataDots using the back of the card:

DataDot DNA Review - AdhesiveDataDot DNA Review - mixing

The DataDots can be seen really clearly if you apply them on light background as you can see from the photo here if I tried to apply it on the body of the iPad:

DataDot DNA Review - light background

So I decided to apply the DataDots using the applicator on the Apple’s logo:

DataDot DNA Review - Apply to iPad

Applying the DataDots was fairly easy with the adhesive but it did leave some adhesive marks on a shiny surface like the Apple’s logo.

I decided to clean it up a bit with a wet tissue and surprisingly, a few dots remained while the surface was already clean. As mentioned on the official site, DataDots are almost impossible to be removed which makes them the ultimate identity protection because thieves can’t simply brush them off (and yes I tried wiping them with a wet cloth but the DataDots were still there!).

It’s recommended to apply DataDots on a non-glossy surface (to avoid seeing the adhesive marks) and of course, hidden away from the thieves. DataDots will work great on a laptop, DSLR camera, and other household expensive items. Or you can also apply them on your bicycle, car, or other big items. In case they ever get stolen and found, it will be easy to prove that you are the rightful owner, thanks to DataDots!

The kit contains hundreds of DataDots but even a single DataDot is enough for the identification. Because of this, you can happily apply DataDots everywhere in your house or in the office. Just be careful in choosing the surface to apply the DataDots on and of course, someone still has to catch the thief or get the stolen goods first before DataDots shine!

DataDots build an audit trail of ownership so if you’ve decided to sell the goods away, it will not matter, even if the new owner applies his/her own DataDots. The team also work closely with police to make sure that they will get the right and the latest identification.

I was quite amazed at the easiness of the whole process: from registering the DataDots PIN to applying them. DataDots DNA is a unique and smart way to protect your valuable items and best of all, it’s fully acknowledged by the police and can be used legally to identify your ownership of the stolen goods immediately.

“Hey, it’s mine!”
“O yeah? Prove it!”
“With pleasure!”

Note: Sample provided for the review

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