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Carrie Prejean, a dedicated Christian that I admire

carrie-prejeanMiss Carrie Prejean, a 21 year old girl from California, was so close to be crowned Miss USA 2009 in 21st April 2009. She (Miss California 2009) was in the final with Miss Kristen Dalton (Miss North Carolina 2009) until a judge named Perez Hilton asked her a question on her opinion of same sex marriages.

She answered truthfully, based on “her heart, her belief, and for her God”. Her answer sparked some controversial because she said she believes in marriages between a man and a woman. That answer cost her the Miss USA 2009 crown but I personally admire her for being able to stand up to her faith, no matter what happens.

What’s wrong with someone who doesn’t answer just to please people and to win a crown? What’s wrong with someone who answers based on what she believes in? I truly admire her because she could stand up as a Christian even though she knew that her answer would have cost her the crown. I admire her because she didn’t even regret saying it. I don’t know why people want a puppet (who does what people tell her to do and who doesn’t have a firm foundation of herself) as a Miss USA .

On the first video, her answer was cut-off so if you want to see her full answer to the finish, here is the video:

As for Perez Hilton full video’s response on his blog (which I don’t find it amusing at all):

Some Questions and Answers that people are looking for about Carrie Prejean (based on Google keywords analytics on my other blog):

Q: Is Carrie Prejean a Christian?
Yes she is. Perez Hilton said so in the video and she also confirmed it on her answers to the TV interview on the first video.

Q: How to write to Carrie Prejean?
I wish I know. I want to congratulate her and send her an encouragement. Lots of people love her and I guess lots of people hate her because of her answer. There are some twitter accounts “claiming” to be Carrie Prejean, which is kinda sad. I’m pretty sure there are Facebook and blog accounts made as well.

For example:  http://twitter.com/MissCAUSA09 and http://twitter.com/carrieprejean. The second one looks real enough but the account was made after the Miss USA 2009 pageant so I can’t confirm the authenticity (not to mention “she” hasn’t got that many followers). You can also search Carrie Prejean on Facebook (although there are so many of them).

But the best bet is probably to leave a comment on Carrie Prejean’s official profile on Miss Universe.com

Without going to a debate about same sex vs man-woman marriages in this post, what do you think of Carrie Prejean honestly? I know that there are already thousands of comments everywhere on the web with this issue, but would love to know my own readers’ opinions.

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