BLUETTI Launches New Portable Power Stations in Australia: A Game-Changer for Outdoor Enthusiasts

BLUETTI December 2023

Exciting news for all outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking reliable off-grid power solutions in Australia. BLUETTI, a leader in portable power, is set to launch three innovative models on 15 December: the AC2A, AC70, and AC200L portable power stations. These state-of-the-art generators are a leap forward in making solar power more accessible, no matter where you are.

BLUETTI AC2A – Your Perfect Travel Companion

For those who love hiking or camping, the AC2A is a game-changer. It’s incredibly light, weighing just 3.6kg, yet it packs a punch. With a 204Wh capacity, it offers a solid 300W AC output and a 600W surge, perfect for charging all your outdoor essentials and gadgets. What’s more, it boasts rapid charging capabilities – fully charging in just 1.4 hours with a 270W AC cable. And for the eco-conscious, it’s solar-ready with a 200W solar input, ensuring you’re never without power.

BLUETTI AC70 – Power, Mobility, and Versatility

Building on the success of its predecessor, the EB70, the AC70 steps up with a 768Wh capacity and a remarkable 1,000W running power, which can surge up to 2,000W. This makes it ideal for powering more demanding devices like kettles and hairdryers. The AC70’s versatility is further enhanced by its quick charging feature, reaching 80% in just 45 minutes from an 850W AC input, and fully charging in two hours with a 500W solar panel.

BLUETTI AC200L – Redefining Portable Power

The AC200L, an enhanced version of the flagship AC200MAX, is a powerhouse. It offers a similar 2,048Wh capacity but steps up with a larger 2,400W output, expandable to 3,600W in Power Lifting mode for heavy-duty equipment. It charges fully in just two hours via a 2,400W mains charge, or a 1,200W solar charge, offering unparalleled convenience. Additionally, it features more quick USB-C ports and a responsive UPS function that activates within 20ms during power outages, providing reliable backup for home essentials.

Pricing and Availability

Mark your calendars for 15 December 2023. The AC2A, AC70, and AC200L will be available on the official BLUETTI website and Amazon. Stay tuned for the announcement of the initial pricing details. This launch is set to revolutionise the way Australians access power on the go, offering cutting-edge solutions for all your portable power needs.

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