BeyzaCases SlimLine Stripes iPhone 4 case review

BeyzaCases Slimline stripe case review

The first time I opened the package containing the SlimLine Stripes iPhone 4 case from BeyzaCases, I was amazed. The case is definitely made with high quality leather and stitched to perfection. It was basically love at first sight! The screenshots from the product page cannot justify the elegance and professional look in the real life.

BeyzaCases SlimLine Stripes is really slim and perfect in size for the iPhone 4. Without the phone inside the case, the case itself is only a few centimetres high.

Slimline Stripes case size

When the iPhone 4 is inserted into the case, the case “expands” a little bit, still giving a slim yet tight look:

Slimline stripe case with phoneSlimline stripe case with phone 2

As you can see from the pictures above, the SlimLine Stripes case design allows you to charge the iPhone 4 while it’s inside the case and also hook up your earphones so you can put it inside your pants’ pocket while listening to music on the go.

I do find that I tend to place the iPhone 4 the other way around though, as it provides me with easier access to the slider in case someone calls me while my iPhone 4 is still inside the case. If you insert the phone the other way around like this, you can still access the USB slot although it’s impossible to use the earphones jack.

SlimLine Stripes other 1Slimline Stripes other 2

Nevertheless, the case still protects and doesn’t really look that funny if you prefer to use it this way.

The SlimLine Stripes design is also unique. Since the case holds the iPhone 4 really tight (it’s even safe to hold the case upside down since the iPhone does not slip out), the team has designed it so that you can push the iPhone from the bottom of the case to make it easier to take the iPhone out:

Slimline Stripes Case design

I really enjoy this design as I find it really easy and safe to take my iPhone 4 out this way, compared to the other cases. Gonna give two thumbs up for this simple yet creative solution. Of course, due to the design of case like this, you will need 2 hands to take your iPhone out.

The BeyzaCases packaging includes a nice box containing a carrying pouch. I’m not too sure what this is for as I don’t think I’ll ever carry the case + my iPhone 4 inside a pouch like this anyway:

Slimline Stripes pouch

Although I guess the pouch can be used as a bonus travel pouch for your USB cable, earphones, and all that. Why not?

BeyzaCases have designed the SlimLine Stripes case in different colors. I picked the white background with 2 blue stripes on it (clearly I didn’t make the wrong choice as it looks dead sexy although the others look sexy too – it was hard to choose):

SlimLine Stripes Case colors

BeyzaCases SlimLine Stripes Case review conclusion


Overall, I’m really happy with the BeyzaCases SlimLine Stripes case. It looks great, it feels great, and the quality of the design really shines (as you can probably have guessed from the pictures I took).  The case is made from very good quality leather, the stitches and “embossed” stripes make the case even looks snappier overall.

So far, this is really the best looking case I’ve ever felt and tried in my life. Love the design, love the looks, love the quality. Simply love it! If you are looking for a beautiful iPhone 4 case to store your iPhone inside your pocket, look no further.

And oh, if you are thinking of purchasing one, don’t forget to use the BeyzaCases 10% discount code I posted earlier :)

Note: Sample unit provided for the review

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