An nice upgrade from 19″ WS to 22″ WS

ASUS VW222U LCDI bought a nice ASUS VW222U 22″ Widescreen LCD today to replace my Chimei 19″ Widescreen LCD. It’s indeed a very nice and worthy upgrade. I was supposed to get the Samsung 226BW as I’ve heard good reviews about it. It was out of stock, so I got this one instead, which is the second best, according to some people.

Why would I upgrade? Well, so that I can blog more efficiently, of course. Isn’t that a good excuse? lol

The things that I’ve noticed once I’ve replaced the LCD:

  • I can now go to 1680×1050 resolutions, yay! I can now fit my browser, WLM messenger, and the Vista sidebar on one screen :) Note to LCD owners, please set your resolution to the LCD’s native resolution to get the best display quality. (19″ WS: 1440×1090, 22″-24″: 1680×1050, and so on…)
  • The picture is crispier and clearer than my previous one
  • I can see the screen clearly; even when the viewing angle is so far below (my single bed is on the floor). Sometimes when I watch movies on the bed, the display were getting darker as the viewing angle was not straight at your face. Not anymore now! I’m so pleased.

Some other points worth mentioning about ASUS VW222U:

  • Love the black sleek design look.
  • Easy to install, you don’t even need to read the manual.
  • Comes with both DVI and VGA, in case you are still using an old video card.
  • There’s a built-in speaker (like most LCD do, I guess), but I wonder who ever uses it? Go get a good 5.1 speaker!
  • There’s a “one-button” mode to change your screen’s brightness, color, sharpness, etc on the fly: “Scenery Mode”, “Standard Mode”, “Theater Mode”, “Game Mode” and “Night View Mode”. For example, if you choose the “Game Mode”, all colors are being set full blast! Haven’t tried it in-game yet, but it looks quite horrible on the eyes when I tried it on the desktop.
  • I don’t like the “Try me” sticker sticking next to that one magic button. I’ll probably try peeling it off later, but I’m scared to ruin it.
  • The screen is quite bright, but of course you can turn down the brightness through the screen interactive menu.

In conclusion, I love my new monitor, and it’s worth every penny there is! (I bought it for AUD $318). If you are thinking for an upgrade to your LCD, get this one!

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