Apple iPad 3 Release Date Confirmed

iPad 3Apple iPad 3 Release Date is near, i.e 7th of March 2012 at San Fransisco, 10 a.m local time. With all these rumors flying around for the past few months, we shouldn’t believe in anything (I still remember the bitterness of the world expecting an iPhone 5, only to find an iPhone 4S last year). However, the iPad 3 release date rumor was proven to be correct indeed.

MacTalk reported that they got an official press invitation from Apple that they will be announcing a new iPad and from the photo, I love it!

From the photo, it looks like iPad 3 has no Home button, although some argued that this maybe because the iPad 3 is in Landscape mode. The people at Gizmodo however, went into length to justify that this is not the case and it appears that iPad 3 will have no Home button after all (hard button, that is).This is fine as most Android devices that I reviewed always had a soft/touch Home button but let’s wait before we come into any conclusion.

The iPad 3 rumors of having a higher resolution seem to be correct as well. Here are some other iPad 3 rumors about its specifications or what’s new on iPad 3 (but yeah, we’ll find out if they are all true and if possible, a “one more thing” feature no one could have guessed):

  • iPad 3’s screen resolution will be in 2,048×1,536 pixels, or doubled from the previous iPads. That means a clearer and sharper resolution, definitely noticeable (remember that “wow” moment when you jumped from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4?)
  • Better Camera (unclear about the megapixels or a new lens possibility)
  • Quad core processor (faster than iPad 2)
  • Siri
  • A little bit thicker in dimension (barely noticeable), but definitely not thinner
  • 4G Support
  • Comes with iOS 5.1

Despite of these other rumors, the sharp resolution is already considered worthy as an upgrade from iPad 2. However, do keep in mind whether you really NEED an iPad (as I’ve got this question so many times). The chance is that if you are asking this question, you don’t need one – you just WANT one. Whether that’s bad or good, well.. I’ll leave it up to you (check out our Should I buy an iPad? article by Josh Janssen).

I’ll definitely grab one as Craving Tech will be here to review iPad 3 cases and accessories. How about you? Will you be getting the iPad 3 now that the iPad 3 release has been confirmed?

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