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Survey on Sponsored Posts credibility

Vicky KidbyI was contacted by Vicky Kidby, a blogger who’s studying BA Advertising and Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University Media School to put up a survey on this blog. She is studying about having sponsored conversations/posts on blogs and the potentials as a new media marketing tool. Seeing how Craving Tech has both sponsored and non-sponsored posts, it’s unsurprising that she approached me. I decided to help her out.

The survey is short and it involves you as a Craving Tech reader to let me (and Vicky) know the effect of the sponsored reviews/posts and how they affect my credibility as a blogger. I’d love to hear your honest opinion as it helps me to see my blind spots and hopefully fix the lack of credibility of this blog (if any).

You can also win a $20 Amazon gift certificate! Pretty please? Please answer it as honest as possible (don’t worry, I won’t be able to identify you :)).

Click Here to take survey

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Owner of CravingTech.com, Michael is a tech enthusiast who blends a love for gadgets with a passion for gaming. With insightful articles and professional reviews, he navigates the digital landscape, offering expertise on consumer electronics and gaming trends.

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