A new search engine entering the market?

Microsoft is non-secretly testing internally a new search engine called Kumo which should be available at kumo.com once it reaches its final stage. Don’t bother trying to type kumo.com yet as this is only for internal.

Upon an inspection of the domain kumo.com, it is clear that it was registered by Microsoft as you can see from my screenshot here (taken from using checkdomain.com):

Kumo.com definitely smells Microsoft-y
Kumo.com definitely smells Microsoft-y

It’s unclear at this stage why this new engine should be better than Google or other search engines so far. There is a high possibility though that Kumo might replace Microsoft Live search engine but again, this hasn’t been 100% confirmed.

Here is a screenshot of Kumo, taken from CNET news:

Microsoft Kumo screenshot
Microsoft Kumo screenshot

Let’s wait and see what happens when Kumo gets released. I certainly doubt that it will beat the almighty Google. Actually, this post reminds me of Cuil search engine. I’m pretty surprised that they are actually still around.

News Source: LiveSide.net

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