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A fresh new look (again)

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Finally! Plenty of customisations and modifications to the original theme files, but I think it’s worth every sweat!

There may be small minor things needed tweaking here and there, but feel free to let me know if you find some anomalies.

This theme should last for a long time as I’ve fallen in love with every single part of it :) (You may or may not disagree, as I can’t unfortunately make everyone happy)

Some highlights on the new Theme:

  • AdSense Links on Navigational, encouraging more clicks (mwahaha)
  • Plenty of width space for the post, easier for you to read and easier for me to write
  • A mixture of 2 and 3 columns on the sidebar, fulfilling all this blog ever needs
  • More space on 125×125 ads (some of you hate the 3 columns of 125×125, but it’s necessary to prevent from scrolling the page down too much)
  • Nicer look on the Comments area (easy on the eye)
  • No more white dull look (Well, more like a black-grayish look now, which some people may hate)
  • I love the calendar bit; even though it doesn’t necessary give a useful info, it makes the pages look fresher
  • If someone diggs a post (Digg a post to try ^^), it’ll appear nicely next to my calendar if a person comes through the Digg link.
  • The blog is really ready now for private advertising (with $ and not Entrecard credits), which I’m aiming next with the OIOPublisher plug-in (seems like the most popular one). Although I’m still not sure how much I want to charge per week yet. Do you want to be my first private advertiser? :)
  • The footer leaves me plenty of space for the future (not sure what I want to put there at the moment besides my money making recommendations)
  • And many more bits of pieces that I change for the better!

Comments are appreciated. Hope you like my blog even more now!
PS to Entrecarders: I removed my “U Drop I Follow” badge as it doesn’t fit on the design :( Sorry, Lee! I’ll still reciprocate your drops though as much as I can. Try not to drop during the weekend though *hint*

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