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A change to my Top Commentator widget

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Guys, based on my previous post, I have to make an amendment to my Top Commentator widget. There were so many spammy comments these last few weeks that I think it’s time to take a move. Please note that I’ll continue supporting and rewarding you for commenting on my blog posts. Having the CommentLuv plug-in and Top Commentator widget are some of them.

So instead of removing the Top Commentator altogether (which I first considered to), I still have a good news for you all.

Previously, I have several options whether to:

  • Remove the Top Commentator widget altogether.
  • Keep it, but set all links to no-follow.
  • Keep it as it was before.

As of today, my Top Commentator widget will still link to your site with a do-follow however it will be ONLY from the main page (index). For other pages/posts, it will be no-follow links. So you’ll still be rewarded and I think this is the most appropriate action rather than completely scraping the widget, at least for now. This way, you’ll get rewarded appropriately for being the top commentator and at the same time, at least my blog will be a bit more “credible” without leaking too much PageRank.

top commentator only on index page
As you can see on my index page, the links are still do-follow

Meanwhile, I’d always appreciate if you comment genuinely and use your name whenever possible to comment so it’ll look less spammy to me and other people.

To achieve this, I’m using the Top Commentator 2.0 modification from PopularWealth.com based on the original Top Commentator plug-in by Nate Sanden.

Your thoughts?

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