7 Tips for how to create our Newsletter Email Popup that works

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Note: This is a guest post written by Amelie Henderson

Adding a newsletter email popup to your site is a great way to generate leads and increase sign-ups for your email newsletter. This can be done through a popup that includes incentives such as discounts or eBook downloads or by using personalized items such as sale notifications when people check out. However, one of the most effective ways of generating new subscribers is by using an email popup triggered with an in-site interaction. Keep reading to learn about essential tips you may use to create a newsletter email popup that works.

Use Personalization To Create A Relevant Email Popup

Make sure that you are using smart personalization for your email newsletter popup to make it more appealing. When used effectively, this feature can help you create an email popup relevant to the specific visitor viewing your site.

If you have a store where people can shop for products, you may use promotional items related to the item that a customer is currently looking at when they come to your site. This will be extremely useful if you are trying to keep visitors on-site because they will be able to find out more details about the product they are interested in and read reviews from other customers.

Offer A Lead Magnet To Give Visitors An Incentive

The most effective way of creating a popup that works is by offering a lead magnet to your visitors. This is essentially some sort of offer or bonus that will encourage people to sign up for your email newsletter. Therefore, if you want to use this option, be sure to include an incentive in the email popup that will tempt people to give you their email address or sign up for our newsletter.

Use The Right Triggers To Launch Your Popup At The Right Time

When you are ready to create a popup, you should use one that the right actions will trigger. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by launching a popup when people visit certain pages on your site. This can be done through code that activates our popup when someone arrives on a specific page or clicks on something specific.

Avoid Annoying Visitors By Using Proper Targeting Rules

One of the main reasons why email popups are annoying for visitors is because they can block everything else and make it difficult to use your website properly. Therefore, if you want to avoid irritating customers, make sure that you only show email newsletter popups to people who have an interest in receiving them from your site.

Create A Clear Headline And Call To Action (CTA)

Another thing to include in your email popup is the headline. This should clearly state the deal you are offering to sign up for your newsletter. It should be simple and friendly so that it is appealing to people.

One of the most effective ways to create a popup that works is by using a CTA (call to action) in it. This feature can be used to provide visitors with an incentive or bonus item if they sign up or subscribe to your newsletter. The main idea behind this type of popup is that you will offer something extra if people sign up, so it encourages them to do so.

Match Your Popup Design With Your Page

One of the most important things to remember when creating an email popup is that it should match your website. This means that you should make sure that your email design is consistent with the overall image of your website and the page where it appears. Otherwise, it might be confusing to visitors, and they might end up clicking on something other than what they intended.

Experiment With Less Aggressive Popup Types

Whether you want to create an email popup that works, it is important to experiment with several different types of popups. This can be done by creating several different versions targeting different people groups.

For example, you can try sending a newsletter popup to customers who have made a purchase in the past using a coupon code. This can be used especially if your site has multiple types of products and you want to create a specific email newsletter for each.

The Bottom Line

Email subscription is one of the most effective ways to generate new leads. If you want your newsletter to be effective and generate leads, it is vital that you use a popup that works. With these tips and a little knowledge, you will be able to create an email popup that works in no time.

Though email popups can be annoying for visitors, they can still help you generate more revenue if used effectively. These are some important things to remember when creating a successful email popup: matching your website design with the email popups and ensuring that the email newsletter design has a clear call to action for people who sign up for your newsletter.

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