3SIXT Accessories for your new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Many of you have already got your new, shiny iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (I have the iPhone 7 Plus myself – stay tuned for the review) and are probably looking for some accessories to go with it.

What I have today for you is a couple of products from 3SIXT: 3SIXT Digital Lightning Buds and 3SIXT Jetpack Slim Power Banks portable charger.

3SIXT Digital Lighting Buds

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So, Apple has decided to take out the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 (and iPhone 7 Plus) and the world has gone mad. If you have calmed down and accepted the fate, then you may now be looking for some Lightning Earphones/headphones alternatives.

Sure, Apple includes the Lightning EarPods inside the packaging, but they fall off easily from your ears and not everyone’s favourites.

3SIXT Digital Lightning Buds is a good alternative and comes with the ear buds that we are all used to and love. It comes with different ear buds size too to make sure they fit your ears perfectly. The ear buds offers a good passive noise isolation as I tested them while walking through Melbourne’s morning peak traffic.

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The in-line controls are within easy reach to manage your currently played songs and calls. Siri’s voice commands work well too so you can keep your iPhone inside your pants’ pocket at all times and get Siri to set up reminders or when you need to make a call. The cable is tangle free and seems to be water and sweat resistant.

Sound quality overall is not bad and the Bass can also be heard, though not deep and powerful. As far as earphones go, however, audio’s quality and clarity cannot simply be matched with higher quality headphones out there. They sound okay but not exceptional, especially when you are expecting a huge leap of quality from a 3.5mm to Lightning.  3SIXT Lightning earphones also work on other iOS devices with Lightning connector (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

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Overall a good replacement for the Apple’s included EarPods but not if you are expecting to be blown away by the sound quality.

3SIXT Jetpack Slim Power Bank (4,000mAh)

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As the name suggests, Jetpack Slim Power Banks is, slim. Compared to Moshi IonBank 5k (though it has 1,000mAh extra power and comes with built-in connectors), 3SIXT Jetpack Slim is way lighter and slimmer.

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To be honest, I was quite surprised when I first took it out from packaging because I wasn’t expecting it to be this light and slim. The portable charger with the aluminium finish also looks premium and sleek, compared to some competitors’ products that are mostly covered by plastic.

It supports Dual USB charging (1A and 2.1A) for different types of devices (2.1A for faster charging). A microUSB cable is included to charge the battery within. At any time, you can press the button to see how much battery you have left through the LED indicators.

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iPhone 7 has 1,960mAh battery and iPhone 7 Plus has 2,900mAh. If you do the math, you can charge enough juice with the Jetpack Slim’s 4,000mAh to make them last for the day and more. Thanks to its portability, it is easy to carry the Jetpack Slim in a pocket or inside your bag. If you don’t need to charge your phone multiple times from a single portable battery and you prefer portability, this is definitely the gadget to bring along daily.

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The 3SIXT Jetpack Slim has now become my most favourite portable battery charger for travelling. Note that the portable charger works not just on the iPhone, but any USB powered devices such as Android devices, tablets, Bluetooth headphones or earphones, and many more.

Disclosure: Review samples were supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine

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