Windows Live Messenger Plus with skinning support

Messenger Plus! has been around for years. I’ve tried it a few times but it never got me. There were just too many features that I didn’t really use in there, so I usually installed some updated versions just to see what the new updates were all about, and uninstalled it after a few days of playing around with it.

This last update, however, got my attention. Skinning support?? Wow!

In the old days, you had to search around the web, downloaded a skin (that’s done by some designers or a skinner) and replaced the messenger.exe file. If there was a new update to your WLM, you’d have to wait for the same skinner to "redesign" the skin in the newer version. A pain in the butt as you were presented with 2 options, to use the latest update of your WLM or to keep the skin. No, you can’t keep both.

The new version of Messenger Plus! Live v4.5, however, supports Windows Live Messenger skinning! This means you don’t need to replace your messenger.exe anymore with the skin file. This means you can download different skins and switch them easily on-the-fly. This also makes it much easier for the skinners to design WLM skins. The skins at the moment will still have compatibility problems with WLM versions (blame Microsoft on that!), but it will be a less nightmare to update the skins both for the skinners and the WLM users like me and you.

Some skins on the site at the moment: (more will surely come!)

Grey Tucan




Apple Live Messenger


Before you download the skins, though, please make sure that you have checked the skins compatibility (whether it’s compatible with your current WLM version or not).

There are other updates that I won’t mention here. Best is to go straight to their site and read the new features yourself! :)

Also during the installation, choose carefully. If you select the install with the sponsors options, you’ll help the guy who develops Messenger Plus but your windows will be cluttered with advertisements or non-necessary applications which can slow your Windows down. Your choice.

Download Messenger Plus! Live on the site here


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