Why you should be using a privacy screen for your devices

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Note: This is a guest post written by Brendan McCormac

The device on your screen can expose confidential information when you are using it in public places. Wandering eyes from curious people that want to see what you are doing puts you at risk and can often make you feel uncomfortable if you’re doing something private.

Therefore, transparent films for all sorts of devices, including laptops, cell phones, iPads, and more, are available that only allow you to see the screen in front of you.

How Privacy Screens Keep You Protected

Privacy screen protectors use a microlouver technology that has been embedded into the protector that blacks out the device screen on each side. People interested in seeing what you are doing will only see a black screen when they view your device from the side. You can do your work or Internet surfing in total privacy when you use a privacy screen protector.

Visual Hacking Is on the Rise

Cybercriminals use visual hacking to get private information about a person’s account or obtain access to PINs. While most people looking at your screen are just doing it out of curiosity, some criminals are watching for devious reasons. This has become a growing concern, and while it may seem like it would be unlikely to happen to you, it’s always better to be proactive when it comes to cybercrime.

Most people do a lot on their phones every day, including Internet shopping. We also use our phones to do online banking. If you’re logging into your account to check confidential information on your bank account, others can view it if you haven’t invested in a specialized screen protector for privacy.

Respecting Your Privacy

There are other times when you may not be worried about criminal activities such as visual hacking but just want others to respect your privacy. For example, you may be sitting with friends and family members that want to know what you’re up to and take a peek at your phone to see what you’re doing. In these situations, it can be quite awkward to tell a person not to look at your phone, and it will raise suspicions about your activities.

When you don’t want to make a big deal out of a situation, you can simply get a privacy protector for your phone to block it out of view from others. This way, when people can’t see what you’re doing and only see a black screen, a different question will come up. It’s no longer a conversation about what you’re doing but why your phone looks black. You can then tell the person that you have purchased an awesome screen protector for your phone that comes with this feature.

Shop for a privacy screen protector to keep yourself protected from wandering eyes. Whether the intent is malicious or just curious, you have the right to keep your activities safe from view on all of your mobile devices.

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