Why the Mearth RS Series is the next Best Long-range E-scooter

Electric scooters have proven their convenience, reliability, and affordability for commuters, especially at the onset of the pandemic. Many also regard e-scooters as eco-friendly devices that help reduce carbon emissions in the transport sector. Since its popularity skyrocketed recently, many manufacturers and brands have released their version of the best commuter electric scooter.

Mearth, an Australian e-scooter developer based in Sydney, has been releasing innovative e-scooters that are on par with international brands to improve locally-developed e-scooter technology in the country. Their newest e-scooter line-up, the Mearth RS Series, aims to raise the bar for local commuter e-scooters.

The Mearth RS Series offers two long-range electric scooter models that provide commuters with a good balance of performance, durability, comfort, and safety than most commuter e-scooters. The line-up includes the Mearth RS and the newly launched RS Pro.

Mearth developed these e-scooters to provide an ultimate long-range electric mobility scooter for commuters who need more than 40 km of range. The two e-scooters differ in motor, range, battery capacity, and price to give riders the flexibility to choose the suitable performance and price that fits their lifestyle.

The Mearth RS base model travels up to 60-65 km with a 36V 561.6Wh premium lithium battery and a 500W motor power. On the other hand, the Mearth RS Pro offers more range and performance with a max distance of 80-100 km, a 48V 748.8Wh battery, and an 850W motor power. The base model costs $1,299, while Mearth RS Pro retails for $1,599.

Meanwhile, both electric scooters weigh 23 kg, ride at a top speed of 40 km/h (capped at 25 km/h as per Australian e-scooter law), and offer a max load of 100 kg.

Besides its performance, Mearth also designed this foldable electric scooter to be durable. The e-scooters can take on different terrains, such as flat roads, cement, mud, gravel, and uneven paths. The e-scooters can also ride hills with a climbing angle of up to 25 degrees.

It uses wear-resistant and explosion-proof 10-inch pneumatic tyres, allowing riders to pass through difficult paths easily. The durable tyres also provide good shock absorption to improve ride quality.

This electric long range scooter uses a highly-efficient battery system with six intelligent protection in terms of safety. These include short circuit protection, over-current protection, double overcharge protection, double over-discharge protection, temperature anomaly protection, and under-voltage automatic sleep.

These e-scooters also use multiple braking systems for extra safety on the road. It uses front and rear disc brakes, a rear foot brake, an anti-lock electric brake, and a double handgrip brake.

Overall, the Mearth RS Series raises the bar for locally-developed e-scooters in range, power, and ride quality. Few local e-scooter developers challenge the market and face popular international brands, like Segway, Xiaomi, and Kaabo, head-on.

As global e-scooter sales might reach 129 million units by 2028, expect more local e-scooter brands to emerge with unique features and powerful specs. Moreover, expect Mearth to continue designing e-scooters that offer innovative features to make commuting easier for riders.

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