Who says camera bags are out of fashion?

Jill E camera bags

Well it depends on what camera bags you are buying, I guess. If you buy those cheap ones from eBay or an online shop from HongKong, than mostly they are clearly out of fashion. Camera bags from jill-e designs however, do not. From the screenshots (I don’t own one), they look really sleek and elegant, unlike camera bags in general.

The bags are available for both male and female photographers and they were made to be balanced, between fashion and usability. Check the press release below. There might be a chance of getting a sample to be reviewed here so I’ll keep you posted.

Function meets fashion with jill-e camera bags

jill e red bagThe jill-e designs range of camera bags not only organise and protect gear for busy photographers on the go they also come in the latest designs and colours in a dramatic shift away from the usual bland equipment bags.

Made of high-quality leather, suede and nylon, the camera bags and accessories are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all photography needs.

The US-based owners and creators of jill-e designs, Jill Wight and Gail Backal, began as advocates for all the female photographers who have been limited to the masculine look and feel of camera bags on offer until now.

Two years ago the two former Kodak executives decided to act, after meeting thousands of women who longed for fashion and colour to balance the functionality of camera bags.

They soon realised that style transcends gender; male photographers were also caught in the ordinary canvas and nylon world of black and grey. So jill-e designs came up with the jack range of camera bags, designed for men but equally popular with women.

Since then jill-e designs has become the maker of fashionable, functional camera and carry-all bags for today’s technology-rich, on-the-go lifestyle.

As well as offering sturdy, stylish bags for serious photographers, photo and video enthusiasts, jill-e designs caters for the valuable high-tech devices and personal essentials for business and leisure travelers and busy mothers.

Not only do they hold their own next to designer bags and luggage, jill-e and jack bags also offer:

• Padded and configurable interior walls which protect gear and offer flexible use

• Convenience (meets carry on luggage specifications and fits in airline overhead compartments)

• A range of sizes for different uses – small, medium and large bags

• Weather-resistant exteriors that resist rain, snow and sand

• Drawstring interior closures in some styles provide protection while outdoors

The jill-e Large Rolling bag can be used for clothes and overnight essentials, after removing or rearranging the organisers to maximise storage space.  The medium bag is perfect for personal items. If flying, these two items can be carried on board without the need to check in luggage.

Different size jill-e bags will meet the needs of just about every photography enthusiast, from the professional to the weekend amateur:

  • All jill-e Small bags will hold: 1 camera body, 1 flash, 2-3 lenses (depending upon lens size) and miscellaneous accessories to include: memory cards, batteries, cables, manuals, filters, camera strap, lens cleaning cloth, expo disc, waterproof camera jacket, camera card reader.
  • All jill-e Medium bags will hold – 2 camera bodies, 2 Flashes, 2-3 lenses (depending upon lens size) and miscellaneous items to include:  memory card holders, batteries, cables, manuals, filters, camera strap, lens cleaning cloths, expo disc, waterproof camera jacket, camera card reader.
  • The Large Rolling bag will handle all of the above equipment, plus a laptop computer.

Priced from $79, they are available at camera and electronic/computer stores nationally.  For more information, contact the Australian distributor, Tasco Sales on (02) 9938 3244.

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