Playing games in a Treadmill? A winner!

Play games in a treadmillThe FREVOLA-T7A is not just a simple treadmill. It combines interactive entertainment and keeping you healthy in one. If you are the type who are just “too busy” playing games than taking care of your own body, then you need to seriously look at the FREVOLA-T7A. It’s like embedding a Nintendo Wii interactive system into a treadmill!

The FREVOLA- T7A has patented technology of Automatic Speed Control (ASC) & PC based Application
System (PCAS) where the user can regulate the speed without manually giving inputs. So rather than choosing and pressing your desire speed on the machine as usual, the machine is smart enough to adjust the speed based on your body position.

But the fun part is where you actually play some interactive fun games while doing the work out.

Frevola marathon

According to the document I received, you can have a real-time multipleyer online racing via the network connection. There’s also an online cyber marathon contest and a few others. Don’t forget, since these games are basically applications installed in the machine, you can always update the machine with future games/updates from the company!

I think it’ll be fun playing a multiplayer game with a friend where you become a zombie chasing your friend and he/she has to make a run for it :)

When I have my own house some time in the future, I’d probably get this thing so I can work out while having fun myself on it!


Frevola Side

Check out FREVOLA-T7A official product page and the video of it in action here:

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