Slim and light, MagSafe-compatible iPhone 14 Cases from PITAKA

I had been using the PITAKA Fusion Weaving MagEZ Case 2 on my iPhone 13 Pro as my main iPhone 13 Pro case, thanks to its beautiful, stylish look – and most importantly. it stroke as the perfect balance between protection, style, and slimness.

And now that the new iPhone 14 line is out, PITAKA has also made an update to their popular cases but not just for the sake of fitting to the new iPhone 14 series. The team has made some serious improvements like having the new model 33% thinner and 27% lighter than the previous generation. The packaging is also now more eco-friendly, made with 100% biodegradable bagasse fibre. These are no small feats.

The cases I have here are the MagEZ Case 3 and Fusion Weaving MagEZ Case 3 for the shiny, new iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro/14 Pro Max. The packaging comes with these stickers that you can apply to give you the perfect fit on your iPhone 14 (which can vary due to the phone’s manufacturing process). Very thoughtful.

PITAKA MagEZ Case 3 for iPhone 14

Thin and lightweight, the MagEZ Case 3 is a MagSafe-compatible case made with aramid fibre. At just 0.95mm in slimness and 17.3 grams of weight (for the iPhone 14/14 Pro 600D models), this is definitely one of the thinnest and lightest iPhone 14 cases out there. This is all thanks to MagSafe Slimboard that PITAKA team has developed. According to the official notes from PITAKA, “The magnets we infused with resin as a slim board are 27% thinner than pure MagSafe magnets. Still, the N52SH-grade magnets boast excellent magnetic force that ensures a strong attachment between the case and MagSafe accessories”.

The aerospace-grade aramid fibre material (which is 5 times stronger than steel but about 5 times lighter) means that the case will offer you a good degree of protection as well like scratches, bumps, and scuffs.

PITAKA Fusion Weaving MagEZ Case 3 for iPhone 14

The Fusion Weaving MagEZ Case 3 is slightly more expensive, this is because the process is more complicated (which includes cutting, weaving, arrangement, colour harmony, deconstruction, and reorganisation). However, the result shows the true craftsmanship of PITAKA and the case looks as good as ever with elegance.

It’ll definitely give your iPhone a new flair.

These cases from PITAKA have always been my favourite among the other cases from various brands. They are minimalist and aesthetically more pleasing compared to many other cases I’ve seen. Usually, cases can either be slim but boring, or offer great degree of protection but feel and look bulky. PITAKA cases usually have the best of both worlds.

If you are the type who rarely drop your phone on the floor like myself, you’ll be extremely pleased with the iPhone 14 cases from PITAKA but I’d definitely recommend getting bulkier and thicker cases if you are of the clumsy type.

The cases offer good degree of day-to-day protection, better grip for holding your shiny but slippery iPhone 14, MagSafe support, and an environmentally-friendly packaging.

The Lightning port, buttons, and mute switch are left bare-naked so they don’t deter the smooth, original Apple experience of using them. The raised camera lip protects the rear camera lenses as you place your phone on the table too.

Want to protect your new iPhone 14 without feeling the bulk and still looks good aesthetically, look no further than these iPhone 14 cases from PITAKA. You can order these cases over at PITAKA website.

Disclosure: PITAKA iPhone 14 Pro cases were supplied for reviewing

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