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WeTransfer has been my favourite place to share files online for a while. For example, sometimes I shared a video that I recorded on my phone to a friend, who would then downloaded it – all without the need of a registration (simply by copy pasting a shared URL). It’s easier than having to upload it to my Dropbox and delete it after. WeTransfer is, however, limited to 2GB at the moment.

A new player, Smash, does not have an upload file size limit and you can share any type of files you want: movies, images, documents, etc. The files will then be automatically removed in 7 days.

After uploading your files to Smash, you can either:

  • Send the download link to your friends’ email addresses (you can share the files to multiple people).
  • Send the download link to your email address so you can share it publicly on your social media, blog posts, etc.

The recipients can also view the files online (even works on music and video files) before downloading if they want to.


It’s totally free to use Smash and there is no registration required whatsoever. It doesn’t even have ads on the page (apart from a featured artwork when recipients are downloading but they are not intrusive). There are also premium features in the works (they’ve got to survive somehow!).

According to Smash:

The free offer will remain always free! Nevertheless, we will launch a premium offer soon. Besides the possibility to customize its own brand this premium offer will include more features and new interfaces automatically adapted according the different types of files (documents, images, videos, audio, …) and the diverse needs of users (senders and recipients).

Smash had a preview release in February 2016 and an official launch in June 2016. It’s founded by Rémi, Romaric and Oliver) located in Lyon (France) with a team of developers working on it.

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