Samsung SH100

Samsung SH100

Samsung SH100 is a compact point-and-shoot camera with Wi-Fi enabled. That means you can shoot, sync, and share your photos over the internet with ease without having to transfer the files first into your computer!

Make sure to check the video below this post later where George Watsky, a poet and a rapper, guides you through the Samsung SH100 features with style (assuming you can listen to every single word he says :))

Samsung SH100 can directly upload your photos to Picasa, Facebook, and many more.

upload to web

The LCD is touch enabled so you can add comments and a few more texts when you upload the photos via the SH100. You can also broadcast files to other devices such as your laptop or your TV in the living room (assuming it’s also connected to your wireless network) so you can show your holiday photos to your guests quickly.

Share to devices

There is also an exciting Remote Viewfinder to use your mobile phone to control the camera from far, which helps in taking snapshots of groups (with you in it).

With the Samsung SH100, you will never need to take the memory card out as you can always transfer the files through the wireless connection or upload them straight away to your social media sites (assuming you don’t need to edit them first).

Anyway, here is the video I was talking about with George Watsky:

Note: Sponsored by Samsung

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