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Pixxa is a new service which provides a Cloud VPS hosting environment – meaning you can customize what you need to host your blog or website and then scale it later when you need it easily through the administration control panel.

What’s the difference? Are we ready for this?

There are lots of benefits of a VPS Cloud Hosting (as mentioned on Pixxa features page) such as being able to scale the resources on your own and also to change the underlying  OS or Linux distribution (if you prefer Ubuntu than Debian) pretty much instantly.

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On the administration control panel, you can create Virtual Machines in your account and you have root access privilege to these machines. It feels like having and managing multiple servers of your own.

Pixxa - add virtual machines

Once a virtual machine is set-up, you can change the settings later on through the dashboard or check its usage statistics and log:

Pixxa virtual machine details

You can SSH to your Virtual Machine using PuTTY or other SSH programs pretty much right away (an IP address will be assigned to each Virtual Machine). You will be given a root access to these Virtual Machines:


It is then up to you how you want to customize your Virtual Machine set-up and what applications you want to install. Pixxa makes it easier to create, set-up, and upgrade your own Virtual Machine so you can be an administrator of your own in an instant. Obviously, it’s a manual process to install and set the whole thing up (if you want a full site running), so you might want to hold off if you are not comfortable (or hire someone who knows his/her way around Linux and managing one).

You can always start with small resources (cheaper) and then scale it up when your site or blog gets more popular. You can cut down the cost this way better than the traditional VPS web hosting.

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Pixxa VPS Cloud Hosting

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