The perfect car cradle for your iPhone 7 Plus – Strike Alpha Car Cradle Review

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Strike Alpha Apple iPhone 7 Plus Car Cradle DIY Review – Car cradles can be a hit and miss. Some of them are flaky (fall down rather easily) and others are a hassle to set up.

I took the Strike Alpha Car Cradle for my new iPhone 7 Plus over a long trip to the Grampians last weekend and loved it. It was really easy to attach/detach from the windscreen and fits my iPhone 7 Plus like a glove.

This is exactly the same Strike Alpha car cradle as the one I reviewed before for my iPhone 6. Though I wish they can improve the internals or design elements further, I was still satisfied with it.

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The Windscreen Mount is rather flexible so you can tilt it up and down, plus left to right. On my car’s windscreen, I could really place the mount anywhere I like and on any angle I’d like it to be. This flexibility is one of the key strengths of Strike Alpha cradle because you can attach it to the best spot that does not block your view too much while driving. You can also place it on your car’s dashboard if you want.

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My iPhone 7 Plus fits nicely into the cradle and taking it out does not require plenty of force either. There are also soft inner paddings to protect the iPhone’s body while being slided in and out of the cradle.

Due to the size of the iPhone 7 Plus, however, I found that I couldn’t take my phone out (or slide it in) while the cradle sits on the windscreen. There’s just not enough space but I guess this is not the Strike Alpha’s cradle fault.

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iPhone 7  Plus Car Cradle

An internal passive antenna is specifically designed to improve the mobile signal if you have an external antenna handy. I wish you can unplug the FME male connector from the cradle because most people probably don’t have an external aerial kit handy.

With a voltage spike protection while your phone is charged while in the cradle, plus a 3 year warranty, the Strike Alpha is a good and safe buy.

I also found that my iPhone 7 Plus sits sturdily on the cradle throughout the journey, even when there were bumps on the road or when I had to make a sharp turn.

You can also turn it into a dash cam with dash cam recording free apps, but I’d still prefer a stand alone dashcam for that purpose.

Strike Alpha Car Cradle for iPhone 7 Plus Review Conclusion

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Overall, the Strike Alpha Car Cradle for iPhone 7 Plus (DIY version) is a great all around car cradle for the iPhone 7 Plus and will be a great device to have in the car.

It’s sturdy and highly flexible so you can place it anywhere inside the car without blocking your view. And, the extra antenna boost support and being able to charge your iPhone 7 Plus at the same time are awesome.

Disclosure: Sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine

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