My blog was hogging the server?

I just got an email from my hosting provider:


Your account is utilizing excessive resources, causing a significant degradation of services on the server. This is a shared environment and we can not allow one user to utilize the majority of the resources on a server as it affects all users adversely.

The server log says that the site was utilizing
CPU: 6.51 %
Memory: 2.17 %
Mysql: 0.5 %

Top Process %CPU 66.0 /usr/bin/php
Top Process %CPU 60.0 /usr/bin/php
Top Process %CPU 32.5 /usr/bin/php

I either have to act to solve this issue or have to upgrade to a dedicated server.Not sure what’s happening.. hopefully it’s not because of a crazy StumbleUpon drug traffic earlier on the Battlefield  Heroes’ post (about 10,000 traffics in a few hours). I also turned on a weekly schedule WordPress backup about an hour ago (a plugin). This can be the culprit too if the script is unstable.

Will update this post soon. I’m currently exchanging emails with the tech support to find out what’s going on.

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