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Moving Out Review – Playing multiplayer games with friends on the same couch is pure fun. Laughing, screaming, high-fiving, you name it. Overcooked (both 1 & 2) was our favourite game to play with friends on the Nintendo Switch. It’s fun and challenging at the same time.

Now, from the same people that brought you Overcooked, Team17, comes a new physics-based moving simulator game, Moving Out. And boy, it is as fun and frantic like Overcooked for sure!


Moving Out is about a company that takes jobs to..well, moving out. That means emptying a house by moving all the furniture into a truck and organise them all to fit in. While that sounds like it’s a simple task, it requires coordination and quick wits – especially if you want to beat the time records and grab those gold medals!

Moving out is a 1-4 player multiplayer game available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. We played this on the Nintendo Switch and thanks for the recently lifted restriction by the Australian government, I managed to play it with a few friends on the couch. While you can totally play the game on your own (yes, I tried), it is not as fun as playing it with another and the more, the merrier.

The map is varied and I like how you start with a very simple, one storey house. There are characters to be unlocked – which can further be customised to your liking. I personally love the Toaster-Head who toasts and ejects bread as he’s running around, and burns bread as he tries to lift and drags heavy objects. We had a good laugh at this for a while.

Furniture can be lifted on your own, but there are bigger ones that require more than 1 person to lift. For example, the bed, couch, or fridge requires two people to lift, so you need to coordinate with another to do the task together. While that sounds easy, in reality, it doesn’t. Most of the time, you need to wiggle your way around small rooms with a standard door (like in real life) and if you don’t move in sync with the other, you will not go anywhere. But that’s the beauty and fun of Moving Out.

On certain maps, you also have to throw away furniture together from the second floor and that also requires verbal coordination with your friends. Or shouting “Ready” whenever you want to pass a fragile object by throwing it across a small pool so you can catch it.

In Moving Out, obviously things will not always go like the plan, so expect to let out that swearing jar if you have one because you’ll be hearing curses and swearing words pretty often. But there are tons of laughs and “hooray” too when the job gets done well within the allocated time. I find that the more talkative and funny friends you have, the more fun the game becomes!

I personally think the experience is so much different when you are aiming for the Gold medal. The game will give you either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold depending on how fast you complete the map. The time required to get each medal is also different depending on how many players are playing (and the best time records are also saved separately).

I spent about half an hour completing a single map with a friend because we wanted to complete the Gold medal challenge, and found that Moving Out actually got more exciting that way. It’s much more challenging and we needed to do everything perfectly, organised the big items in the truck correctly, and planned the order of the items before the game even started. But boy, when you can finish the Gold challenge, it is much more satisfying for sure! I just wish you can get a unique reward for completing the Gold medal challenge though, like a character unlock, or accessories.

Moving Out is definitely much more humorous than the Overcooked series. The quotations, the characters, and the quirky things in the game surely bring laughter in the living room. If you love Overcook, you’ll surely love Moving Out.

The physics in the game is also just not for the show, it brings out challenges and strategies together. It’s one of the games where physics actually matter, e.g stacking furniture on top of another, blocking your way out, etc.

Moving Out Review Conclusion


Moving Out is definitely another great, cooperative, multiplayer game by Team17 after Overcooked. Moving Out is fun, frantic, challenging, and satisfying to complete with friends and family members. To get the most out of Moving Out, coordination and fast wits are required, plus a few, ahem, motivating words uttered from your mouth too.

The controls can be tricky sometimes as you try to movie and position your character, similar to Overcooked, but everything else shines.

There is also an Assist Mode to ensure all types of people can play the game without frustration. To those who really want to enjoy the game to the fullest, aim for that Gold medal challenge and you’ll be rewarded with pride, satisfaction, and high-fives!

Prepare your high-fives and your swearing jar! Moving Out is available now online and retailers around Australia, and can also be purchased on Amazon.

Disclosure: Moving Out review license on the Nintendo Switch was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

Moving Out Review


A fun, frantic, cooperative, multiplayer game from the same team that brought you Overcooked. 


  • Fun to play with friends on the couch
  • Perfect for all kinds of players (who just want to finish a map, to those who like achievement challenges)
  • Can be played alone, with 2, 3, or 4 players
  • Great use of physics
  • Lots of maps and characters 


  • Positioning your character can be a challenge
  • Might ruin friendships
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