MEElectronics A151 Review

A151 Earphones reviewThe A151 from MEElectronics is a nice stylish in-ear earphones from MEElectronics that makes you throw away the white earphones you got from Apple (assuming you have an iPhone or iPod) as soon as you use it.

Once you have the MEElectronics A151, listening to your music with in-ear earphones will never be the same again.

MEElectronics A151 Review – Packaging

A151 Earphones review - packagingA151 Earphones review -  case

The packaging includes the earphones, a set of ear buds (many ear buds, in fact), and a nice carrying clamshell zipper case for travelling. There are varieties of ear buds included: small, medium, large, double-flange, and the large triple flange.

A151 Earphones review - ear buds1A151 Earphones review - earbuds 2

Having a small ear canal, I pick the smallest ear buds and they fit really well in my ear. Even when listening for a long period of time, I feel no pain or discomfort (which I normally had when I needed to force a larger ear bud into my ear canal).

MEElectronics A151 Review – Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 15Hz – 20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 111 dB
  • Impedance: 27 ohms
  • Maximum Power Input: 25 mW

MEElectronics A151 Review – Design

One thing that you might notice straight away is the weird looking angle design these ear phones has. It’s designed that way so that the cable can go over-the-ears which normally happens on Bluetooth headsets. The sound coming from the A151 doesn’t leak at all and if you crank the volume up, you’ll hear every piece of instruments from the music clearly (just be careful because you’ll be barely able to listen to your surroundings!)

A151 Earphones review - ear design angleA151 Earphones review - cables

The cable is extremely long (120 cm) but it’s better to have it longer than shorter, right? Unfortunately, the A151 does not come with a shirt clip so the cable dangles around while I walk.

I love the twisted cable design though because the cables never get tangled and according to MEElectronics, this design has low microphonics (noise from the cable rubbing against your clothes).

A151 Earphones review - ear design

Overall, I like the sleek and stylish look of the A151. It looks great but at the same time, the design decisions are there to make a better music listening experience.

MEElectronics A151 Review – Listening Experience

The music really comes to life with the A151 (especially those instrumental ones). I especially love the sound of acoustic guitars when I listen with the A151 as they sound really crisp and clear. The bass is not too heavy with the A151 so heavy bass lovers might get a little bit disappointed but overall the sound quality is superb. I also find the volume is loud compared to my old earphones which is good because I don’t have to crank the volume up on my media device. It may also be caused by the great in-ear design.

Thanks to the over-the-ear design with angled fit, I could listen for hours without feeling any discomfort to my ears. Not many in-ear earphones that I’ve tried in the past felt like this and I truly recommend the A151 if you like to listen to your music for hours. The A151 is also my best friend for listening to audiobooks every morning and evening on the way to/from work. The perfect fit in-ear design creates a good passive noise cancellation and I could still listen to my audiobooks even when there were cars passing nearby (or even trains).

MEElectronics A151 Review Conclusion

Overall, I’m really pleased with the MEElectronics A151 earphones and will recommend it to my friends who are looking for a nice set of in-ear earphones under $100. The A151 design is stylish and it’s not just for the looks, but produces a better listening experience: it’s comfortable, cables don’t get tangled, enough length to go from the back of your CPU to your ears, perfect in-ear fit, great passive noise cancellation, and it sounds great!

Note: Sample was provided for the review

MEElectronics A151 Review – Pros

+ Stylish
+ Long cable, giving you more room to move
+ Cables don’t get tangled
+ Sounds great, clear, crisp
+ Gold plated 3.5mm stereo plug
+ Cables over-the-ear design

MEElectronics A151 Review – Cons

– Dangling cable because of the length, no shirt clip
– No built-in microphone

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