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May 2010 Traffic & Income Statistics

blog traffic and income statistics may 2010

Craving Tech’s traffic statistics summary for May 2010: 68,248 unique visitors and 83,150 page views.

Traffic details:

  • Referring sites: 21,994 visitors.
  • Search Engine: 38,906 visitors.
  • Direct Traffic: 7,306 visitors.
  • Other: 42 visitors.

Total money made online in May 2010: $275.35

May 2010 Referring Sites Breakdown

Referring Sites May 2010

Money made online in May 2010 breakdown

  • Private Advertising: $106
  • Google AdSense: $147.32
  • Amazon Associates: $22.03

Total: $275.35

A steady income to AdSense but a decline on the private advertising last month, I may have to work harder on advertising my blog’s adslots somehow. I also tried CPA Lead for a couple of weeks. Basically if you have a page or a download area, you can monetize it further with CPA Lead. It works by “locking” the page and requires the visitor to fill in a short survey (or other actions) to unlock. It’s a great monetizisation tool if you have a premium area on your site/blog. After a week or two of trying it, I got around $7.62. Not bad at all but I’m a bit scared to drive my visitors away so I took it off in the mean time. Feel free to check it out and experiment on your blog though.

cpa lead making money

I also tried to move my AdSense around but couldn’t seem to squeeze more out of it..

How’s your traffic and income stats going last month?

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