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Logitech case+ Range for iPhone 5/5s

Logitech case+ accessories

Logitech case+ range is tailored to different needs for iPhone 5/5s users. What you get is a sturdy, slim, magnetic case specifically designed to work with a different range of the “+” accessories.

What we’ll be looking today are the Logitech case+tilt, case+energy, and case+drive.

The case+ review

case+ outercase+ inner

iPhone 5s case+

The case+ is a tight-fit case for the iPhone 5/5s, which makes it sturdy and solid. Since it’s tightly fitted, you can’t really take the iPhone off the case with ease. The case+ is, however, slim and lightweight. Not to mention that it also has openings for accessing the ports, buttons, and cameras. Therefore, taking your iPhone out of the case is pretty much an unnecessary chore.

openingsmetal surface

Besides, you need the case+ to make it work with the “+” accessories. The case+ has a metal surface, mixed with polycarbonate plastic. The metal surface is used to work with the +accessories magnetic area and the polycarbonate plastic makes it easy for you to grip the iPhone (which can somewhat be slippery as you know it).

The case+ itself comes in different colors, but color availability will depend on the type of accessories you grab. You can see the color availability on the Logitech smartphone case page (or by selecting the color on the individual product page).

Even without the accessories, the case+ itself already gives you a good amount of protection and style. All in a slim and lightweight package. The fun begins, however, when you combine it with one of the + accessories.

Logitech case+tilt review

case+tilt packaging frontcase+tilt packaging back

case+tilt packaging

The +tilt panel is magnetic (which sticks really well on the case) with a touch of fancy color. It brings life to your somewhat dull iPhone 5/5s (with 6 different colors to choose from.

colorful case

My sample here is the Black version but bringing extra color is not the only thing it does.


For a start, with the +tilt panel, you can stick your iPhone on any metal surface, which is really cool. You can stick it on your fridge or a metal panel near your stove while you cook, for example. The possibilities are endless. You can also use it as an earbud cord wrap to avoid those messy cords.

cord wrap

Lastly, fold the edge of the panel and you get yourself a portable kickstand. Pretty handy to watch movies when you are out and about.

tilt+ foldtilt+ kickstand


Logitech case+energy review


Logitech case+energy review

Grow tired of your iPhone’s hideous battery life? The +energy battery case comes to the rescue whenever you need an extra juice. The +energy case actually houses more battery than your iPhone 5/5s:

iPhone 5 battery: 1440 mAh
iPhone 5s battery: 1570 mAh
Logitech +energy: 2300 mAh

That means your iPhone’s battery will be fully charged from zero to 100%, plus a lot more.

The +energy case has a Lightning connector to be plugged into your iPhone and snaps nicely to the case+. The +energy case is entirely optional, so you can put it away when you don’t need the extra charge.


The button on the back surface can be pressed to start/stop charging and also to check how much battery does the +energy case have left. Small LEDs are used to indicate the current battery level. Nifty. The +energy case is rechargeable via microUSB.



Logitech case+drive review



If you do a lot of travelling in-car, you should be getting the +drive from Logitech. The +drive magnetic mount snaps securely (the magnets are super strong!) with the metal plate on the case+. Try to snap them slowly because as I said, magnets are crazy strong. The +drive supports multiple viewing angle.


It looks really elegant and stylish, unlike any other mounting accessories I’ve ever seen. Looks great in-car.


You can snap the +drive on the windshield through a yellow twister. It requires a good amount of strength though to make it snapped onto the windshield. To unsecure it with the same method is almost impossible. As suggested on the manual when this happens, I had to pull the +drive out by holding the suction cup with force. I just wish there is an easier way than this. In a positive note, I don’t think it’ll ever come off accidentally from the windshield. Ever.


The good thing is, if you already have the case+, you can get the individual accessories (+tilt, or +energy, or +drive) without having to re-purchase another case+. Head off to Logitech’s website to find out about the prices.

Disclosure: Logitech case+ range are sponsored by Logitech. All opinions are 100% mine

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