January 2011 Traffic and Income Statistics

January 2011 Analytics

Craving Tech’s traffic statistics summary for January 2011: 97,512 unique visitors and 124,523 page views.

Traffic details:

  • Search Engine: 69,051 visitors.
  • Referring sites: 18,401 visitors.
  • Direct Traffic: 10,019 visitors.
  • Other: 41 visitors.

January 2011 Referring Sites breakdown

January 2011 Traffic sources

Money made online in January 2011 breakdown

  • SocialSpark: US$636
  • Nuffnang: US$400
  • Google AdSense: US$346
  • Amazon Affiliates: US$290
  • Private Advertising: US$225

Total money made online in January 2011: US$1,897.00

Another great month in terms of earnings even though Amazon significantly gave less compared to the crazy holiday month in December. The amount I earnt from SocialSpark has been staggering. If you’ve never heard of SocialSpark, you basically write a sponsored post (only 200 words minimum) with no-follow links (so it’s safe for being penalized by Google) on your blog. The amount of payment is varied depending on the advertisers and your blog’s niche. If you are a blogger, you should join SocialSpark to get more income and at the same time, more articles to write on your blog. I’ll write up a post about SocialSpark some time soon if you still have any questions about it or feel free to contact me.

There is also a new Craving Tech’s logo coming up (you must have seen it already on Craving Tech’s Facebook’s wall or my Tweet) but if you haven’t, it would be:

Craving Tech new logo

The logo might slightly be changed (or not) and colors is still being finalized as I may have to change the whole site’s color too. Once they are finalized, I’ll put a post explaining the process of the logo, what the logo means, and why I picked it. If you can give your opinion about the colors (and this blog’s color overall) on the comment form, I’d appreciate it.

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