It’s Rumored That iOS 18 Will “Overhaul” Mail, Notes, Photos, and Fitness Apps

Apple, the Livewire tech company is getting ready for the long-awaited release of iOS 18 which is set to bring considerable upgrades and offer exciting new elements that will tremendously improve your iPhone usage. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has shared exclusive deets about what to expect from these updates, revealing some fundamental changes to core apps and beyond.

Gear Up for iOS 18: Major Updates Await in Apple’s Latest Software Release

Revamped Core Apps

Expect an entirely new look and feel about the vital products that you use regularly. Apple is taking off the sheets of new designs for Notes, Mail, Photos, and Fitness apps to reshape the way users use the apps. It remains unsaid, however, whether these changes will speed up workflows or just increase productivity or efficiency.

Innovative Technologies Ahead

iOS 18 is not limited to just improving the existing apps but to exploring the frontiers as well as the novel features.

1. Smart Siri: Let me introduce you to a more intelligent Siri interface. Balancing on-device processing and possible partnerships with big tech companies such as Google and Baidu, Apple’s virtual assistant now has the potential to be even more useful and intelligent.

2. Customizable Home Screen: Leave behind the old style of grid layout for apps. This year, iOS 18 is expected to give us all the liberty to create our own very creative home screens, arranging apps, icons, spaces, and other elements.

3. Enhanced Messaging with Android: Joy for the cross-platform communicators! iOS 18 might adopt RCS e-messaging standard meaning that texting users on Android-based devices will be more advanced.

4. Calculator on iPad:
No iPad-specific workarounds any longer. iOS 18 (and its equivalent iPadOS 18) will be designed with a standalone Calculator app, which is supposed to consist of a sidebar for the recent calculations and the unit converter.

The excitement is gradually increasing as we are about to witness Apple’s WWDC keynote on June 10th. Although the full specs have not yet been officially confirmed, rumors are rampant about possible extra features, such as an AI-enabled Safari browsing assistant, a hearing aid mode for AirPods Pro, and improvements on Apple Maps and Freeform app

As we eagerly await the official announcement, one thing is clear: With iOS 18 around the corner, the experience of operating an iPhone will be completely different. Please, stay tuned for more announcements as we get closer to the September 2024 premiere.

Note: As the speculations go on, the on-device AI integration into different apps could profoundly change the way users interact with their iPhones making us admire the future of mobile technology in anticipation.

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