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[Sponsored Video] A short film by Intel, featuring 60 tablets as actors

intel intelligent sound

In collaboration with Flume, an award winning beatmaker, producer, DJ, and musical prodigy, Intel has made a short film that will showcase the power of Intel processors inside the Asus Fonepad devices (running the Intel Atom Processor Z2420) in a spectacular way.

The short film is titled “Intelligent Sounds“, featuring Felix the Robot Conductor leading a musical band to perform a soundtrack that Flume has created specifically for this project. Of course, it’s more than just a robot tapping a bunch of tablets to produce some kind of music. Flume’s track is interesting and cool. Add to that is the process of how the track comes to life through this orchestra.

These tablets are not just used to produce sound of specific instruments (or to control some musical instruments), but also for the visual displays (such as using the “tablet wall” in the film). Based on certain notes or conditions, these tablets will process the incoming information and act instantly, producing a nice light show and ambiance.

Felix robot conductor

Organising these tablets running and doing different things at the same time is no trivial task (you need to watch the teaser below to find out what sort of audio visual I’m talking about here). According to the info I got, this project took 2000 developer hours and 12 weeks of production to complete. Why it matters that these tablets are using the powerful Intel processors is because of the performance (they need to respond instantly) and also battery life. Imagine if a tablet runs out of battery in the middle of the shoot!

The latest Intel Haswell chip (not the one being used in these tablets) is already well-known for its low power consumption. The latest MacBook Air 2013 can run up to 12 hours, thanks to the Haswell chip.

Anyway, the full version of Intelligent Sounds should be out shortly, but here is a teaser:

Don’t forget to also watch the behind the scene video.

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Intel

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