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iCare Format Recovery – free until June 16


iCare Format Recovery is a software to:

  • Undelete and unerase files
  • Unformat from reformatted hard disk, external disk, USB disk, memory card…
  • Recover files from lost partition
  • Restore files when system unbootable
  • Recover files from bad MBR
  • Unformat camera photos
  • Recover files from human error, software error, system errors…

If you think you are in need of such software, make sure you download the commercial version, which is normally priced at $69.95 for free until June 16.

To get iCare Format Recovery for free

  1. Download iCare Format Recovery trial version
  2. Use the license code “2K1XB2X764MPHOCY8M1RYIJF01VHFOFH” and activate after installation.
  3. Enjoy :)

Source: FormattedRecovery.com

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