HTC P3600i / Dopod d810 GPS lock takes forever?

Ok, so you just bought this cool PDA, the HTC P3600i or d810 with GPS built-in and you have bought TomTom Navigator or any GPS software for it, only to find that it’s not working?

The problem usually lies in the position locking of where you are! This may take minutes and sometimes ages until you’ve assumed that the unit is faulty.

What you need is another GPS locking freeware that locks your position quicker – there are a few around, but I used GPSTest (search for it on the web). You start it up, and after a few minutes (or seconds sometimes if you are not in CBD area), you will find these green bars going up and down, meaning the satellites are trying to lock into your position! Once you see these green bars going up and down one by one, you can smile as it means that your built-in GPS is working just fine.

Wait until there are 5-6 bars locked and the app will display “GPS is started”. Close the application completely, and then, you can now open your Tomtom or whatever you are using, to get a lock. Since you’ve got a lock before, the GPS software (Tomtom, say) will not have problems locking into your position. It will still take a bit of time, but much much better than before.

Happy GPS-ing!

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