How to add your private health insurance cards to Apple Wallet on iOS

Australia HICAPS terminal now supports digital cards – which means you can now use your iPhone to make a claim by tapping the device on the HICAPS terminal reader when you visit your provider (like the Dentist) rather than swiping your private health insurance card.

Current Apple-Wallet-supported private health insurance in Australia are Medibank Private, Bupa, nib, and GBU health.

This means if you are a member of any of the supported private health insurance, you can leave your physical card at home and just bring your phone along (which you most likely do already). Less card in the wallet, the better.

And oh, if you have the Apple Watch, you can also just tap your Watch on the HICAPS reader. Easy.

But how do you add your private health insurance card to the iPhone Wallet?

You’d think this can be done by opening the Wallet app and tap on the “+” button to add the health insurance card in. But it doesn’t seem that you can do it this way yet.

So what you need to do, is to use your private health insurance app to add your card to the Apple Wallet instead.

I’m with Medibank, so here’s how to add your Medibank card to Apple Wallet on the iPhone (but other health providers should be similar steps).

[1] Open your Medibank app

[2] Choose the “Digital Card” option from the list of options where you can make a claim, etc.

[3] There should be an “Add to Apple Wallet” button or something similar on your health provider app. Just tap on it.

[4] Just follow the instructions (clicking Next, etc) to finish the process

[5] If you double tap your iPhone’s power button, you should now be able to see your Medibank card on the list of digital cards

More details on the announcement here.

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