Home Giveaways Having messy cables problem? Join this contest!

Having messy cables problem? Join this contest!

messy cable solutionThere’s an interesting contest going on at Optimization World until the end of October 2009. I don’t normally write a post about a contest but this one is an  interesting one :D

If your computer area (or anywhere else) is messy with cables going around everywhere (which most of us do), then you might deserve a $100 store credit, courtesy from Optimization World.

I was about to post a photo of  my messy desktop area at home, but after seeing the official image on the contest page, I shrugged off, lol. I don’t think I deserve to be even in the contest after seeing the picture (if it’s not a made-up one, of course!)

Join the Messy Cables Contest @Optimization World

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