Graduation Week

Phew, there were so many graduations last week, hence the lack of updates in my blog. I’ve been busy going to graduation after graduation of my friends. More than 10 of my friends (that includes my girlfriend) on Wednesday (RMIT university), 3 on Thursday (Monash university), and 3 on Saturday (University of Melbourne). Came home around 11 p.m, exhausted from laughter and the evil night wind blowing through my spine, thanks for the "great" weather here in Melbourne.

I attended the RMIT graduation ceremony from the start to finish at Telstra Dome stadium, cause my girlfriend has finally completed her Bachelor of Design (Interior Design). It’s kinda weird though, as I didn’t even attend my own graduation ceremony back in July 2004 (my Master of Applied Science -Information Technology). I just couldn’t be bothered sitting for 3-4 consecutive hours, just to get the certificate. Why would I attend someone’s else ceremony when I didn’t even want to attend my own? The answer, I guess, is love. Yes, love IS blind.

It was the same old days, the same old speeches.. "Congratulations, graduate, I’m proud of you blah blah..". There were not many people listening to the speeches anyways (it’s a big stadium and there were tens of thousands of people, so no one could complain if you talked during the speeches, heh heh). It’s funny though how people are so excited on their graduations, only to find out the hardship that they are going to endure in finding jobs here in Australia. I’m not sure about other fields, but finding a job in the I.T industry is not as easy as before. Whenever I sorted through the resumes that were sent to my company’s job vacancy offers (I’m the development manager), it was… quick and deadly.


If (fresh graduate) {
     if (have good marks) then reconsider
     else throw away, "next!"


To you who are reading this and still struggling on your studies, assignments, and exams, then there’s only one advice that I can give you (which you must have heard everytime): study hard and get the good marks! Aiming for a Pass will get you the certificate, but won’t give you an easy future. Always aim for a High Distinction and ALWAYS study in the library where there are no distractions. NEVER EVER study at home, especially if you are easily distracted. Trust me, I’ve been there and I regretted it.

Ask this: When there are thousands of people applying for the same job as you (through the same job seeking sites!), why would you get hired instead of everyone else? If my company is hiring one person and there are a hundred applicants, what makes me choose YOU instead of the others? Good marks and working experience talks. I’m sorry, but it is a harsh world out there.

Do something that relates to your studies. Create a portfolio online if you can. Be creative and show that creativities to the interviewers. Always learn something new outside of your lectures and assigments. THAT makes you special.

Here are some photos taken on the RMIT graduation ceremony last week (taken with my Canon IXUS 800IS):
graduation1.jpg graduation.jpg

grad2.jpg grad3.jpg

grad4.jpg grad5.jpg

Alright now, I should stop acting like your father, lol. Anyways, congratulations to you who graduated last week and all the best for your future and career in life! Especially to my beloved Nadine, love you always and I’ll wait for you here no matter how long it takes.. (and yes, long distance relationship sucks! :))


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