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Generate your own FavIcon online

What’s a Favicon? It’s the tiny icon that appears on your web browser, next to the URL of the current displayed site.

It will also appear on the Bookmark/Favorites area of your browser. It’s not a requirement to have a Favicon on a website or a blog, but it does create a site/blog’s unique identity of its own. Gone have the days where you must design one in an image editor, with specific resolutions, and specific rules so that the favicon can be used on a website. Now, you can simply browse any image on your computer, upload it to Favicon.cc, and your favicon will be resized and generated automatically.

You can even modify your uploaded image on Favicon.cc. Once you are happy with the changes (IF you want to make any changes), simply click on the “Download Favicon” button to grab the favicon.ico file. This file can then be used automatically to display your Favicon on a user’s browser.

If you have a website, simply upload this favicon.ico to the root of your website (usually a folder called /www/ or /public_html/).

If you own a WordPress blog like this one, you need to upload the file to the root of your blog (depends on where you install WordPress to). Afterwards, you have to modify the header.php and add this line between the tags:

<link rel=”icon” href=”<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’);?>/favicon.ico” type=”images/x-icon” />

Save the file and refresh your site. The favicon should now appear on the browser. If not, try uploading favicon.ico on the folder where your theme is (wp-content/themes/YOUR THEME/) and try refreshing again.

If you are having any problems whatsoever when trying this, don’t hesitate to ask it here or contact me, I’ll try to help as much as possible!

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