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Free reverse phone checking for Australia?

Reverse phone check lookupI have this paranoid thinking not to pick up calls from unknown numbers to my cell phone. I hate it when telemarketers call me because 99% of the time, I’ll never be interested in what they are offering me anyway. I don’t normally pick up any calls on my landline numbers either, simply because my friends always call me on the cell phone anyway. Every time I pick my landline phone up, it’s always the telemarketer reading a script and don’t even bother hearing what I said.

There are times however, when I’d love to know whether it’s actually someone important calling me and not those poor telemarketers. But how can you check who the caller is?

Well we can always open our white pages and then try to find who the caller is by browsing through it using the caller phone number. This will take ages though. I wasn’t aware that there is such service for a phone number lookup where you can just search people by their phone numbers until recently (yeah I’m that outdated). In a way, it’s kinda scary because of the privacy thing but on the other hand, it can be quite useful if you don’t actually abuse it.

I haven’t been able to find a reverse phone lookup service for Australia. The only ones I can find are the U.S reverse phone lookup and they aren’t free either. This reminds me of the day when a public relation from Microsoft called me the other day (we’ve been communicating through emails most of the time) and thankfully I picked that call up because it was important.

Anyone knows a free Australian reverse phone lookup service (or international) that I’m not aware of?

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