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Free Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010


download ashampoo burning studio 2010 for free

Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010 is one of the best CD/DVD burning software out there (Nero, Roxio, and BurnAware are the others) but I personally love Ashampoo’s interface the best. It’s simple, yet intuitive to use. It’s also not bloated compared to Nero (with a built-in audio editor and who knows what else).

I’ve grabbed the Burning Studio 2008 and 2009 for free in the past but now you too can grab its latest version, Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010, for free! The catch? They will send you a nagging email every now and then asking you to upgrade to their latest version down the track (which I normally sent to my trash as soon as I got it).

So here is how to get Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010 for free legitimately.

How to get Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010 for FREE

  1. Get the serial legitimately.
    Now, you normally need to register your email address to Ashampoo but I tried with 2 different emails just now and it seems that the serial is universal (I got the same key on 2 different email addresses). So you don’t need to register but instead, just use this key: BS10A5-77F716-F0730D.
    If the key no longer works, I guess you really have to register for yourself then :)
  2. Download Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010 trial
  3. Install and use the key on step 1 to fully unlock the product.

Nice and easy! Enjoy!

If the offer is already expired, you can always download and grab Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010 over at Ashampoo’s official website. Or you can also try other burning software such as Nero or Roxio Easy CD/DVD. Although to be honest, I’d still vouch for using Ashampoo Burning Studio, as they don’t add too much stuff into a burning application – making it simple to use and a cleaner interface compared to the other burning applications.

Let us know what you think of Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010!


  1. Will be giving this a try; maybe I’ll finally find something as good as Alcohol 120% but for free, and maybe even better.

    Thanks for the link-up. :)

  2. Hi! Thank you for your blog, I like it! Sometimes I find it difficult to read, but anyway it is very interesting:-) I’d like to give you entrecard credits for free to keep your blog going.
    Drop a line on my site.

  3. IS ashampoo completely free.. or is it free for speech only….and above ashampoo is much more like NERO and great in sense it is free….:)

  4. he, dude realy thanks Ashampoo Burning Studio is faster than nero ,some times NERO takes 30-40 minutes to write one DVD and any other parallel executing must be stoped during it is processing,but Ashampoo i have tried it for last 2-3 years it takes almost 12 minutes to burn a DVD.
    ………….oosom ……..Thanks for sharing “license key” …..Michael Aulia

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