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FileZilla 3.3.2 final release

FileZilla is probably one of the best free FTP software that I’ve found (among many others like SmartFTP, WS FTP, FireFTP extension for Firefox, etc). Version 3.3.2 has just gone final. Below are all the changes compared to FileZilla version 3.3.1.

FileZilla 3.3.2 Changelog from 3.3.1

New features:

  • *nix: Add support for forward and backward mouse buttons
  • Speed limits can be quickly set using the menu and a new indicator in the status bar
  • Display number of bytes transferred and duration of transfer in log
  • MSW: React to back button of mouse in file lists
  • Updated blukis icon set


  • Speed limits can be re-enabled on SFTP connections
  • Changed settings did not come into effect unless FileZilla was restarted
  • Small performance improvements
  • Spelling fixes
  • Rebuilt due to timer problems
  • Refactored large parts of the toolbar and menubar code
  • A race condition in the socket code could lead to crashes
  • Fix connecting to addresses longer than 15 characters if using SOCKS proxy
  • Get add to queue in local directory tree context menu working again
  • Do not open request dialogs if user is holding a mouse button
  • Forward all Ctrl+Tab key events to tab bar
  • Do not report SFTP exitcodes that do not originate from the server

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